DE18/DE19 Riveter

DE18/DE19 Riveter
Semi-automatic button-punching machine (universal) servo motor
Applicable to all kinds of five-claw buttons, jeans buttons, I-buttons, metal four-buttons, plastic four-buttons, big white buttons, sewing buttons, trousers buttons, skilled nails, chicken eyes, buttons and other button products binding.
The buttons need to be placed manually to the upper and lower moulds.
Organic maple anti-hitter safety device
To configure
1. Driven by servo motor and controlled by Microcomputer
2. Laser positioning device with adjustable brightness
3. Button working lighting with adjustable brightness
4. Adjustable pedal tightness
5. Adjustable travel and speed
6. Automatically adjust the closure distance of the die by one key and automatically detect the distance of the die.
7. Adjustable binding speed
Suitable for all button binding, change the mould.
technical parameter
Driving mode: Servo motor
Maximum power: 0.45KW
Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Speed: 200-300 times per minute adjustable
Laryngeal depth: 130mm/150 mm
Laryngeal height: 50-80 mm
Operating Height: 880 mm
Travel: Adjustable
Weight: 45 kg
Size WxDxH: 680x400*1250mm/400x400*1250mm





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